Forgo The Electronics This Christmas And Create A Craft Box For Kids Instead

The earlier you get organized with Christmas presents, the less you will have to fight the store crowds during December. Many popular toys for children incorporate electronics or robotics, but it is time to go against this trend to teach the children in your life the joy of completing a craft project from scratch. One way you can encourage their creativity is to put together a busy hands craft box as a Christmas gift, and it will give them something to do during the upcoming summer holidays. Read More 

Playing with Dolls: A Guide to Boy-friendly Dolls

When you learn that you are having a new baby boy you'll get many presents for friends and family. One thing you don't tend to get is a doll. Children love playing with dolls and engaging creative play based on the family situations they see each day. Here is how to choose the perfect dolls for your boys. Look for soft dolls rather than hard plastic Many of the popular brands of girl's toys are made of hard plastic and mimic adolescent girls. Read More